Thursday, 8 October 2015

Don't say: 'what is in a name!'

GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Πανκρατιος (Ancient Greek)
Meaning & History
Latinized form of Greek Πανκρατιος (Pankratios), derived from παν (pan) "all" and κρατος (kratos) "power". Early Byzantine Christians used this as a title of Christ. It was borne by two saints, a 1st-century Sicilian martyr and a semi-legendary 4th-century Roman martyr.
Related Names

VARIANT: Pankratios
OTHER LANGUAGES: Pancras (English)Pankraz (German)Pancrazio (Italian)PankratiPankratiy (Russian)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Letter to Archbishop (30.09.2015)...

Dear Archbishop,
Greetings! Wish and pray that you are fine.
Day before yesterday, Fr. Pius, your secretary, contacted me to inform that you are coming to Priests’ Home to see me! Though I have no idea of that meeting, I asked him to tell you that you need not trouble yourself just to see me when I can come and meet you in your house according to your convenience, provided you let me know in advance.
Regarding your suggestion to convene a meeting of the ‘theologians’/ ‘doctors’ of our diocese, would like to hear from you as to what exactly you expect from such a coming together. This is to avoid possible dropping on the way after toiling much. If you have that letter I wrote on this matter still with you, I would like to get a copy of it.
I do know that you are busy enough. But that doesn’t excuse one to keep a deaf ear to correspondences let alone acknowledging it. Some of my letters, of course e-mails, must be in your table pending your perusal and possible acknowledgement or response, if at all they deserve one.
 This specifically is a spontaneous outcome of reading and reflecting the Second Reading of today’s Office of the Readings from the letter of Polycarp to the Philippians. It pertains to our priests, I think. Bye the bye, I wonder how many of our priests fulfill this obligation, devoid of any pecuniary benefits, to read and reflect on these treasures besides reciting the Psalter. This will certainly have more impact on personal spirituality/interiority than a profitable and public ritual.
Some of the salient features of this reading which our priests have long forgotten, or conveniently ignored are the following:
o   ‘…make common cause for the truth.’
o   ‘…treat… no one as an inferior.’
o   Let everyone respect his neighbour’s rights…’
o   ‘My heart is sore for Valens, sometime one of your clergy, that he should have so little understanding of the office that was conferred on him. It moves me to warn you earnestly against any excessive fondness for money, and to insist upon your absolute probity and integrity. You must keep yourselves from the slightest taint of wrong. If a man has no control over himself in matters of this sort, how can he possibly preach it to anyone else? If he fails to rise above the love of money, he will find himself corrupted by the worship of his idol, and be classed with the heathen who know nothing of the divine judgment…’
Exhort our priests to read, reflect and pray such readings and other good books to equip themselves to deliver their homilies prophetically. They are more keen to engage in some constructions and involve too much in mobilizing money at any cost and conveniently enhance their life style ignoring the desirable simplicity of their call.
Once this craze for money for pompous life creeps in, they will manage to get it in hundred and one other ways in spite of your insistence on the stipend matter disproportionately. Your attempt is like keeping the cart before the horse! We have enough time during the formative period to inculcate such gospel values in the young minds, in spite of the background they are coming from. This is better served through living models than mere teaching or preaching.
I wonder whether you know any of our priests personally and have any say on their lives! This is in spite of your being a bishop for two and half decades besides your tenure in the seminary as prefect, professor, spiritual father and rector for almost your entire priestly ministry.
Still it is not late. You can dedicate your remaining days in getting closer with the priests and start influencing them as leaven in dough/meal. Try to be their good friend with whom they can confide, brother whom they can count on, father who will understand, guide and everything a pastor could be to his sheep. It will make a difference in your life and you will certainly enjoy and leave a noble legacy, rich tradition for generations to come. Shed off all your inhibitions and fears and get down with the freedom of the children of God.
Don’t bother about the diocese. The Good Shepherd is very much there for you to leave it on His enduring shoulders and He will certainly take care of.
Thanking you,

Loraine: Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession

Loraine: Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession (Thycaud, 27.09.2015)
-          Jubilee is always golden in the biblical sense (Lev 25:8ff)
-          Jubilee – jubilant = showing joy; rejoicing; occasion of this...
-          കാഹളം മുഴക്കണം... അന്‍പതാം വര്‍ഷത്തെ നീ വിശുദ്ധീകരിക്കണം... സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം  പ്രഖ്യാപിക്കണം... അത്...ജൂബിലി വര്‍ഷമായിരിക്കും... സ്വത്ത് തിരികെ ലഭിക്കണം... കുടുംബത്തിലേക്ക് മടങ്ങിപ്പോകട്ടെ... പരസ്പരം ഞെരുക്കരുത്...’
-          Silver jubilee is for 25 years…
o   A feat indeed to complete 25 years in evangelical virtues in spite of the challenges on our way ever…
o   Jubilee is rejoicing (joy); celebration… Jesus was a man of celebrations… that was why he said, ‘I came to give life, life in its fullness.’ ഞാന്‍ വന്നിരിക്കുന്നത് അവര്‍ക്ക് ജീവന്‍ ഉണ്ടാകാനും അത് സമൃദ്ധമായുണ്ടാകാനുമാണ്.’ (Jn. 10:10)
o   ജീവിതംതന്നെ ആഘോഷമാണ്... അങ്ങനെ ആക്കിയവനാണ് യേശു...
§  ‘...സ്വര്‍ഗ്ഗരാജ്യം തന്‍റെ പുത്രനുവേണ്ടി വിവാഹവിരുന്നൊരുക്കിയ രാജാവിന് സദൃശം....’ (Mt 22:1ff)
§  ‘മണവാളന്‍ കൂടെയുള്ളപ്പോള്‍... ദുഖമാച്ചരിക്കാനാവുമോ? (Mt 9:15)
§  മണവാളനെ എതിരേല്‍ക്കാന്‍ പുറപ്പെട്ട പത്തു കന്യകമാര്‍ക്ക് സദൃശം...’(Mt 25:1ff)
o   ഗോതമ്പ്‌മണി നിലത്തുവീണ് അഴിയുന്നില്ലെങ്കില്‍... അഴിയുന്നെങ്കിലോ അത് വളരെ ഫലം പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കും.’ (Jn 12:24; Phil 2:7)
-          - ദാരിദ്ര്യം: ഒന്നും ഇല്ലാത്തവനാണ് എല്ലാം ഉള്ളവന്‍.... ഉള്ളവന്‍ ‘ഇനിയും കൂടുതല്‍’  സ്വത്ത് ഉണ്ടാക്കാനുള്ള വ്യഗ്രതയില്‍, ആര്‍ത്തിയില്‍ ആശങ്കാകുലനും ആശ്വസ്തനുമാകുന്നു... പരക്കം പായുന്നു... (കൂടുതല്‍ ധനം...) ‘മതി’ എന്ന് പറയണം – ‘போதுமென்ற மனமே பொன் செய்யும் மருந்து.’
-          ബ്രഹ്മചര്യം: സ്നേഹത്തിലൂടെ സന്തോഷത്തിന്‍റെ ജീവിതത്തിനു മാതൃക ആകേണ്ടാവരാണ് വൈദീകരും സന്യസ്തരും.... പ്രസരിപ്പോടെ മറ്റുള്ളവരുടെ ജീവിതത്തില്‍ പ്രകാശം പരത്തുന്നവരാകണം... അതിനു അവര്‍ ആദ്യം ദൈവ രാജ്യവും അതിലെ നീതിയും അന്വേഷിച്ചാല്‍ മാത്രം മതി... (കൂടുതല്‍ സ്നേഹം...)
-          അനുസരണം: ദൈവം തന്‍റെ മക്കള്‍ ‘ദൈവ മക്കളുടെ സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം’ അനുഭവിച്ച് സന്തോഷമായ് ജീവിക്കുവാന്‍ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു... ‘ആകാശത്തിലെ പറവകളെപ്പോല്‍, വയലിലെ ലില്ലികളെപ്പോല്‍’. അത് ഒരു ജന്മദിനത്തില്‍ മാത്രമോ, വിവാഹ ദിനത്തിലോ, തിരുപ്പട്ടത്തിലോ, സന്യാസത്തിലോ, അതുമല്ലെങ്കില്‍ അവയുടെ വാര്ഷികങ്ങളിലോ, ജൂബിലികളിലോ മാത്രമല്ല, ദൈനം ദിനംപോലും.... (കൂടുതല്‍കൂടുതല്‍ സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം...) [ധൂര്‍ത്ത പുത്രന്‍... ]
-          വിളി എപ്പോഴും ശിഷ്യത്വത്തിലേക്ക്, വിശുദ്ധിയിലേക്കുള്ളതാണ്.... പൌരോഹിത്യവും സന്യാസവും സഭയുടെ സംവിധാനങ്ങള്‍ നിലനിര്‍ത്താനും... പുരോഹിതന്‍/സന്യാസി ശിഷ്യനാകണം, എന്നാല്‍ ശിഷ്യന്‍ പുരോഹിത/സന്യാസി ആവണമെന്നില്ല...
-          ശിഷ്യത്വം ശുശ്രൂഷയ്ക്കുവേണ്ടിയാണ്... അപരന്, അയല്‍ക്കാരന്, ജനത്തിനു വേണ്ടിയാണ്... അല്ലാതെ അധികാരങ്ങള്‍ക്കോ, സ്ഥാനമാനങ്ങള്‍ക്കോ, സംബത്തിനോ വേണ്ടിയല്ല... (1 Pet 2:9; today’s I & II readings... Num 11:25-29/ Jm 5:1-5/ Mk 9:38-43)
-          അവരുടെ വിശപ്പ്‌, ദാഹം, നഗ്നത, അപരിചിതത്വം, ക്ഷീണം, അവഗണന, ഒറ്റപ്പെടല്‍, രോഗം, കാരാഗ്രഹം, വാര്‍ദ്ധക്യമൊക്കെ...                                                      [-pancretius, kumarapuram]


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sr. Loraine

Dear Loraine

‘Jubilee’ is golden always as
It is the 50th year of an event
And a celebration for that matter…

For you, Loraine, that event is
  Your ‘religious’ profession…
And today here in Thycaud
We celebrate it as Silver Jubilee…

‘… you shall hallow the fiftieth year…
It shall be a jubilee for you…
It shall be holy to you…’
So we find in Leviticus 25:10-12…

Yes, ‘religious’ life is
A disciple’s life…
As found in the Gospels…
It is a call ‘to be holy
As His heavenly Father is…’
This in turn is to
Make His people holy…

Meritoriously were you doing this
All these 25 years especially
Through your healing ministry
In various hospitals and
Caring ministry in the parishes…

Now, while thanking God for
Availing your smiling service
To us here in Thycaud
We also commit you to
His loving Providence
So that He will guide you
And protect you wherever
You are, go and work…




19th September 2015

கடவுளும் பெற்றோரும்...

கடவுளும் பெற்றோரும்...
மார்த்தண்டம்துறை-மறையுரை 11.09.2015/ (Luke 2:43-51)
-          Fr. Pancretius

கடவுளை யாரும் கண்டதில்லை...
-           கண்கண்ட தெய்வம்தான் பெற்றோர்...
-           ‘கடவுள் தம் உருவில் மானிடரைப் படைத்தார்; கடவுளின் உருவிலேயே அவர்களைப் படைத்தார்; ஆணும் பெண்ணுமாக அவர்களைப் படைத்தார்.’ (Gen 1:27) ஆக, அவர் அம்மையப்பனே, ‘மாதொருபாகன்’ ‘அர்த்தநாரீஸ்வரன்’
-            ‘...கணவன் தன் தாய் தந்தையை விட்டுவிட்டுத் தன் மனைவியுடன் ஒன்றித்திருப்பான்; இருவரும் ஒரே உடலாய் இருப்பர். (Gen 2:24; Mt 10:7)
-           ‘உன் கடவுளாகிய ஆண்டவர் உனக்களிக்கும் நாட்டில் உன் வாழ்நாள் நீடிக்கும்படி உன் தந்தையையும் உன் தாயையும் மதித்து நட.’ Ex 20:12; 21:15, 17;
-           ‘பிள்ளைகளே, உங்கள் பெற்றோருக்குக் கீழ்ப்படியுங்கள்.... வாக்குறுதியை உள்ளடக்கிய முதலாவது கட்டளை...’Eph 6:1-3.
-           ‘...ஆனால் நீங்கள், ‘எவராவது தம் தாயையோ தந்தையையோ பார்த்து, “உமக்கு நான் தரக் கடமைப்பட்டிருக்கிறது கடவுளுக்கு காணிக்கையாயிற்று” என்றால், அவர் தம் தந்தையை மதிக்கவேண்டியதில்லை என்று சொல்லுகிறீர்கள். இவ்வாறு உங்கள் மரபின்பொருட்டுக் கடவுளின் வார்த்தையைப் பயனற்றதாக்கி விடுகிறீர்கள்.’’ Mt 15:5-6
-           பின்பு அவர் அவர்களுடன் (பெற்றோர்களுடன்) சென்று நாசரேத்தை அடைந்து அவர்களுக்கு பணிந்து நடந்தார்.’ Lk 2:31
-           மாதா, பிதா, குரு, தெய்வம்.’
-           ‘தாயிற்ச் சிறந்ததொரு கோயிலுமில்லை.’
-           ‘தந்தைசொல் மிக்க மந்திரமில்லை.’
-           அம்மையப்பன்... அர்த்தநாரீஸ்வரன்...
-           என்னைவிடத் தம் தந்தையிடமோ தாயிடமோ மிகுந்த அன்பு கொண்டுள்ளோர் என்னுடையோர் என கருதப்படத் தகுதியற்றோர்.’ Mt 10:37; 19:29

o    கடவுள் ஒருவேளை தம்மை மனிதருக்கு அறிமுகப்படுத்த வேண்டி வந்தால், அவரை ஒரு தாயாகவே அறிமுகப்படுத்துவார். [இயற்கை இது...]
o    ‘தாயுமானவர்...’
o    ‘தாயுன்னை மறந்தாலும், நான் உன்னை மறவேன்..’ எனும் கூற்றே அவரது தாயுள்ளத்தை காட்டுகிறது...
o    கத்தோலிக்க மறையில் தாயின் பெருமை அன்னை மரியாள் வழியாக வெளிப்படுவதை பார்க்கிறோம்... ‘தேவ தாய்’ இறை மகனை விட உயர்ந்த நிலையில் போற்றப்படுகின்றாள்..
o    ‘இதோ உன் மகன்..., இதோ உன் தாய்...’
o    ‘யார் என் தாய், சகோதரர், சகோதரி.... இறைவனின் வார்த்தையை கேட்டு அதன் வழி நடப்பவனே ஏன் தாயும், சகோதரனும், சகோதரியும்...’
o    ‘உம்மைக் கருத்தாங்கிப் பாலூட்டி வளர்த்த உம் தாய் பேறுபெற்றவர்.’ (Lk 11:27)
o    பால் குடிக்கும் தன் மகவைத் தாய் மறப்பாளோ? கருத்தாங்கினவள் தன் பிள்ளைமீது இரக்கம் காட்டாதிருப்பாளோ? இவர்கள் மறந்திடினும், நான் உன்னை மறக்கவே மாட்டேன்.(Is 49:15)
§  தந்தை/ பிதா
§  ‘பரலோகத்திலிருக்கிற எங்கள் பிதாவே... [ஆணாதிக்க மனநிலை...
-          “God doesn't always give me what I want. But He always gives me what I need.”
-          God created the parent-child paradigm to serve as a basis for His relationship with His children, and that is a tangible touchstone for me. If I, as a parent, take care to give my children what they need - instead of what they want --
-          Story: an observer who noticed a leaf fall from a tree. Curious, the observer began asking why the leaf had fallen. When he inquired of the leaf, he was directed to the tree, who directed to ask an angel. The angel carefully showed that under the fallen leaf lay a sleeping caterpillar. God, in His kindness, had sent down the leaf to shield the caterpillar from the sun while it slept.
-          God's “parenting” is never contaminated with the pride, self-interest, inexperience, or poor decision-making that human parents struggle with. His love and goodness forever guide us, as we navigate the intricate, wondrous tapestry of life.
We are taught that there are three partners in the creation of each human being: the father, the mother and God. When a person honors his or her parents, it is as if that individual has honored God. Honoring one’s parents is considered to be honoring God. The Talmud tells the story of a non-Jewish man by the name of Dama. His father, Netina, was a jeweler. Representatives of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem once came knocking on his door, wishing to buy certain precious stones for the breastplate of the High Priest. The problem was that the key to Netina’s diamond vault was lying under his pillow and Dama refused to awaken his sleeping father, even if it meant losing a fortune in a lost diamond sale. The rabbis were turned away and were disappointed, to say the least.
-          Many people believe that honoring parents provides compensation for their years of feeding and clothing. Therefore, depending on what your parents provided, determines the extent to which honor is extended. Following the Exodus from Egypt, an entire generation of Israelites wandered 40 years in the desert. During this period, the parents didn’t feed or provide clothing for their children. God provided manna to eat, their clothes grew with them, and their shoes never wore out (Exodus 16:35;Deuteronomy 8:3-4). Yet, it was precisely this generation that stood on Mount Sinai and heard God’s command, “Honor your father and your mother.” Honoring your parents is not contingent upon what they did for you or even if they were good parents. God expects us to honor our parents simply because they gave us the gift of life.
 “God created man in his own image. . . . and said: 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over [it].'” * filling and subduing the earth is an element of our life in God's image.

Soorya-Bose Baby…

Soorya-Bose Baby…

The birth of a child is
A gift par excellence and
Fulfillment indeed for
The parents together…

For the mother, it is the
Plenitude of her womanhood
And for the father, it is
Recognition of his manhood…

It is in their child the parents
‘Become one… are no longer two...’ Mk 10:8

Blazen - First Holy Communion...

            First Holy Communion
                   15th August 2015 – Thycaud
‘What is there in a name?’
People may be wondering at…
But your name, Blazen,
Was not given for no reason…

Your parents seems to have
Wanted you to be the fire
That descended on the Apostles
And Mary, the mother of Jesus
To fill them with the Holy Spirit…

Like Jesus, the beloved of the Father
You too should become His beloved
By the descent of the Holy Spirit on you…

May you too be able to fill
Those who come across your life
With the fruits of the Holy Spirit…

Jesus, the bread of life
Is commencing to give Himself to you
Today in the form of bread
To make you share his eternal life
And make you like him

Be like Jesus to ‘increase
In wisdom and stature and
In favor with God and man…’

Let your birth be extolled
Like that of Jesus:
‘Blessed is the womb that bore you…
But know that ‘those who
Hear the word of God
And keep it’ are still more blessed…